Thursday, November 29, 2007

Origin68 (Manchester)

Once again, true to their word, Origin68 have delivered on time. Their plan for world domination through featuring a new tee every month is going to plan. This time it's Man Made Earth. The first in what they describe as a series of designs highlighting man's continued campaign of destruction against the planet. Deep stuff. So expect more. Probably in another month.

It's a valid point. Is there anything we havn't put a price on yet? Search on the internet and you will see that it's now even possible to buy a plot of land on the moon? Like who fecking owns the moon in the first place in order to sell it on??!! That's what I want to know. Complete Madness.

So yeah, see for yourselves....


Anonymous said...

All your content become from iloveyourtshirt ... not verry original.

Mr T. Shirtlover said...

Thats funny.
I don't recall seeing articles on iloveyourtshirt about Jordan Atkinson, Misformanc, cotton pimps,etc, etc.
Granted there may well be other sites with the same information. It's bound to happen as these people tend to email all the blog sites with the same info. Let's get the facts straight.