Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Le Filtre Du Monde (Spain)

Not come accross this brand before. They sent me a nice email on the off chance that i may do something about. Well, good news for them, I have. I have to say that i quite like this shirt. I like the colours and i really like the name and the concept. It's titled Sinergia which translates as Synergy: interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. So as far as that definition goes it works pretty nicely.
Sinergia is available here:


Thursday, October 18, 2007

People Like Us (Australia)

Strewth mate! Stumbled accross these today. Unexpectedly. Great tees. Theres more than a few designs on their site that i would happily part with cash for.
I have decided to post my three favourites. The top one is called Farewell to My Concubine by Kenneth King, I'm not sure the image on here will do it justice but theres some super sweet details on this baby. I'm not a big fan of white tees either but this gets my vote. In the middle is Fresh Air by Chalermphol Hanchakum. Nice colours, nice print. Butterflies, swirls and pretty faces, always a nice combo. Maybe an overdone style but this works for me. And finally is Monstrocity by Jan Avendano. They are some cool little monsters. Nice hand drawn quality to this one which i like. Too many of those digital vector monsters around these days.
For more beauties of a similar nature see:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Origin68 (Manchester) - More Designs

Seems like the Origin68 boys are keeping themselves busy. They appear to be going from strength to strength and have added 2 more designs to their small but perfectly formed gallery. Still no sign of those free refreshments promised on the site though!!

The first is titled Come Get Me (it reads " come get me you bastards"), as far as we can make out it will suit folks who like green, deer, the countryside and abusive language. Its a nice simple design with a good message.

The second is Grizzly Bare, a collaboration with a band from Leeds called.....yes you guessed it....GrizzlyBare. We don't know much about the band but we had a look at their myspace http://www.myspace.com/grizzlybare and they rocked. Double result.

Find origin68 stuff here:


New shirts from commune. Seven of them to be precise. Thats alot. If you havn't checked their label out before then nows your chance. They have a nice back catalogue for you to get your teeth into.
To quote them "Alrighty! We're back! Check out our new range, isn't it beautiful?Have a look through, I bet there's something you like.Mmmm new artists, new tees, all is good with the world."
Have a gander at their site here:

Collapse Design - Sex Drugs, Helvetica, Bold.

WARNING - Not for threadless lovers.
Maybe I've made a sweeping generalisation here but from the time I've spent on a certain threadless site I always got the impression that their beloved hardcore fans always had a disliking for shirts with text on. Why? What is the dealio with a bit of text. I happen to love text....it makes words.
I am particulalry partial to a spot of helvetica too. Helvetica is always a crowd pleaser. I guess it's the Le Corbusier of the font world. Simple, understated, and timeless.
So to sum up here...........any shirt that has the words sex and drugs on it in the helvetica font is a winner in my book. Even the packaging looks super cool. Smash them in at

Absent Without Leave

Yes folks We've been away a while, but were back. Oh the joy. Not sure what the intensity will be like, we will see. Since we have been away the inbox is brimming so thanks to all who have sent their stuff over. Keep on sending, even if we don't respond instantly we will get round to it eventually.