Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jordan Atkinson

Not so much a t shirt brand as a graphic designer who has branched out into t-shirts. I see from his portfolio that he has done a few tour shirts for a few well known bands. I just like the style of these, specially the frankenstein one, nice little frankie goes to hollywood pun going on. Beats those shitty 80's massive text relax rip-offs I keep seeing everywhere. You know the ones I mean, those really tacky looking ones with 'born in the 80's' on. Utter crap. Nothing gets my blood boiling quite like those. So many great shirt designs out there yet people still choose to wear that shit. Anyway yeah, back to the shirts 'ey. I'm not a big winehouse fan, it's a nice print though and to be fair she's got a good set 'o pipes. I put it on there anyway.

You decide.

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