Friday, May 23, 2008

Up In Smoke

Mmmmmmn, a tee shirt with someone smoking on it, interesting, mmmmn, but look, look closlier, even closlier, that's not just smoke coming out of that cigarette, that's the whole wide world coming outta there. A pretty ominous message I guess but it's a real nice/clever/thought provoking image none the less. From the website it seems theres some kinda Doomsday clock reference thing going on which is pretty cool, I'm into that kind of shizzle. If your not familiar with the Doomsday clock then google it, that will give you a better understanding. Anyways, bob along to the origin68 store and grab yourself one.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Banksy

I'm Banksy, No I'm banksy, and so's my wife.


When i saw this i nearly spaffed everywhere. Not cause it's in any way, shape or form an amazing print or anything like that but because it's so damn simple and funny and works on a couple of levels. Not only can you walk round pretending to be Banksy (hell, he's not gonna take any credit for what he does so why don't you do it for him?), but the phase I'm Banksy just spawns the classic lines of Monty Python's Life of Brian, which is undoubtedly a great great film. I just have this nice image in my head of hundreds of people walking about London wearing this shirt. That would be great.

Anyway I've rambled enough nonsense. Have a look, you can even choose your favourite colour.


Nice mail from the guys at Enstrumental. First I had heard of them. Got some nice tees on offer, definately got a Hip Hop flava. I like the positive messages that they send out. Alot are font based which i like. I'm especially liking this 'Get off Your High Horse' one featured above. Check out that guy too, he's so cool he wears two watches. That's slick. Anyway, grease yourselves over to their flashy little site and have a goosey gander.