Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas T Shirt Giveaway -

Introducing the brand new (hopefully annual) Christmas tshirt giveaway from This is perhaps the easiest contest to enter......ever, and has some really great prizes up for grabs. There are contributions from Origin68, Awesome Creatures, 2 Smart Monkeys, Odd Hero, Crack Smoking Shirts and Crazy Tee Shirts. I encourage everyone to let your friends know as well, because with 7 different T-Shirts for the winner, I’m sure they can spare a few for you.

The contest is up and running, so to enter simply submit your name on the web page and wait for Lady Luck to do her thing.

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SVit-Ta said...

Waiting for you to visit the
The Contrast logo is stitched on the back of the shirt or on the sleeve, depending on the design location.

The print is a silk screen print (mostly using plastisol colour) guaranteeing 100 washes on the sustainability and adding a nice and soft feel to the shirt. For some more colourful prints a heatpress of the highest available quality is being used, also guaranteeing wash-sustainability. One coloured prints are also often carefully embroidered or flock-prints.