Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Extraverage (Budapest, Hungary)

Extraverage is Karoly Kiralyfalvi's brainchild. It's his brand, it's his life, it's home to everything he creates.

He is a Budapest based graphic designer.His works are trying to represent a big range of all his experiences and influences.

Extraverage is basically his online portfolio, and it's definately a great portfolio. There's a whole host of clever stuff on there to feast on. It was his work for Hungarian brand Logikwear (whom he is the co-founder and co-owner of) that brought Karoly to our attention. It's an impressive collection
of designs.

The shirt designs featured above are Karoly's latest under his own guise. We're loving these too, particularly the Extraverage Birds one. Check out the shop on his site, there are plenty of other cool things to get hold of, stickers, limited edition prints etc.

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