Friday, July 6, 2007

3minutes (Italy)

3minutes…"just the time to listen to will is my friend by devendra banhart or not a reasonable man by i am kloot"
after the three minutes there always be someone who decides to do some things and not to do others. this is the concept from which spreads the creative work of Alessandro Mario Toscano, italian based room artist. from photography to illustration, passing through all the streets and lanes until the exploration of all the possible border territories. in a nutshell:Rock Art. sometimes some friend join him to interact for the fulfilment of many works, when this happens it's not about 3minutes as a individual portrait anymore, but a family.
He produces: artworks, illustrations, tshirts design, rock posters, movie posters, theatre posters, album and single covers, book covers, graphic design, photos, band photos, gig and tour photos and other stuff perfect for rock bands, filmakers, publishing agencies, managements, venues, labels, associations, public and private bodies...
We're enjoying the hand drawn nature to these shirts. Check the site out, theres some nice stuff on there, a cool selection of photographic prints are available too

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