Friday, July 6, 2007

Eio Clothing (London)

Eio (Excess is ok) is the offspring of a creative collective from Goldsmiths College, an edgy label started by artists who began to design garments to finance their art projects. Tired of the vision of regurgitated retro prints on the High Streets around the land, Eio dreamt of creating one-off, bespoke garments, like shimmering works of art, hanging from rails and falling onto dance floors around the world.

Eio’s edgy range boasts bold, sleazy men's and women’s tees, underwear, jumpers and hoodies offering more unusual illustrations crossed with vintage garment recreations that sit as well on the dance floor as in the street. And so a vision was born.

Now in their 6th season, Eio continue to sail the seas creating garments for rakes, profligates and passion-givers the world over. People who have an eye for a unique piece of clothing don Eio. Already a hit amongst the cross-music genre style leaders - including Pete Doherty, Lady Sovereign, Sugababes, CSS, Hadouken!, New Yong Pony Club and Klaxons, Eio is renowned for it's cutting edge, off the wall designs. In between collections, the Eio boys found time to design exclusive one-offs and album covers for their favourite bands.

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