Thursday, October 18, 2007

People Like Us (Australia)

Strewth mate! Stumbled accross these today. Unexpectedly. Great tees. Theres more than a few designs on their site that i would happily part with cash for.
I have decided to post my three favourites. The top one is called Farewell to My Concubine by Kenneth King, I'm not sure the image on here will do it justice but theres some super sweet details on this baby. I'm not a big fan of white tees either but this gets my vote. In the middle is Fresh Air by Chalermphol Hanchakum. Nice colours, nice print. Butterflies, swirls and pretty faces, always a nice combo. Maybe an overdone style but this works for me. And finally is Monstrocity by Jan Avendano. They are some cool little monsters. Nice hand drawn quality to this one which i like. Too many of those digital vector monsters around these days.
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